Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Turning!

It's a steamy 102F in sunny Sacramento today, and for the 6th straight day I am thanking G_D my landlady installed Central A/C. I miss my bike and my VW Van but it's too damned HOT!

I've been working on my financial statement, my bills and getting things ready for my next meeting with the retirement folks at work. It's real. My current life is ending, and as of right now all will be new. The enormity of that fact is hitting me. Yet I am more excited and alive than I've been in the last several years. It's not often when something occurs in your life which upsets the apple cart and rolls you down an entirely different hill! I will remember July 2012 as that time!

I look around my house, and see my comfortable life around me. I see my books, my sound system, my "man-cave" recliner and big ol' SONY TV. It's easy to forget what just happened but then I snap back to now and start looking for boxes and bag's. Dr.Ben is going to RULE Freecycle these next few weeks!

I've got 40 weeks, give or take to my planned departure for New England. Less than a year! As Hunter S. Thompson is reputed to have said:

"Wow! What a ride!"

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