Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Twitter Tweet Tweet

Rather on a dare, I signed up for the much-touted "Twitter" service, after dismissing it as for "twits" for the last year or so. Coming as it does, two months after my arrival on Facebook, I wasn't sure what the deal was.

I have to say that after 3 days up as "DrBen54" I'm still not sure.

I've had 4 people "follow" me. One was from Russia and wanted a Green Card in return for her making me a "very happy man". Not sure I need that type of happiness.

Another was from a guy trying to tally up his total of people he is following.

The other two were form genuinely interesting people. One was a minister and the other a Chaplain, both careers I am actively pursuing right now.

For now I will follwo the interest folks ignore the others and see where this leads. Compared to my Facebook account in which everyone I've ever seem to have met joined within a month, Twitter has been quiet. Since I won't put it on my cell phone, it's likely to stay that way for now.

Once we survive the economic disaster in California, I might spring for texting for for now I sit. Keeping my ears open for a soft little "TWEET".

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Michael Phelps and the Bong Hit

Dave Winer (who unlike Al Gore really DID help invent the Internet) posted this today. Looking at the hypocrisy of the world, I find little to disagree with in Dave's post, though it gets a little gamey in one spot.

Give it a read here

Medical pot got through through too very difficult treatments for cancer and a related infection. While I seldom go near it today, I credit medical pot with helping me get back to work more quickly without a lingering opiate addiction in 2001 and 2005.

Michael's pot was not medical, I know. But we let our athletes drink beer and coffee, what's the harm in smoking something which you can't OD on, is not addictive, and actually helps the body handle pain and fatigue.

I agree with Dave that it's time for us to lose our hypocricy about marijuana. We need legalization now and we need to free the people in prison whose only crime was smoking a doobie.

OR, perhaps we should start cramming beer-drinkers in jail too.

My Favorite Christmas Present.... The AUSUS EEE

This Year, I got my hands on one of the coolest items out there - an ASUS EEE netbook. While it's small0ish, the 6.5 hours of battery life, the 1.9 pound wieght and the 40 GB SSD drive with no moving parts adds much to this experience.

The PC comes with XANDRO LINUX installed. That is a pretty good system for non-linux geeks, though the first thing I did was switch it to K-Desktop so I could have access to many of the tools I'd come to know through usings LINUX in it UBUNTU and KNOPPIX flavors.

It's been a month now and I'm still quite happy with the EEE as it is with no plans to move it to clunky old XP. To have a quiet, long-lasting Micro$$oft-free system which weighs almost nothing has changed how I do things.


Boot-up: 20 seconds. Opposed to 3 minutes on my optimized Thinkpad.

SKYPE CHAT with VIDEO. The built-in webcam makes chatting with my friends in the UK a breeze.

Open Office: A Micro$$oft-Free Office package starts quickly and works flawlessly on spreadsheets and documents. Testing on the Presenter module for my church PowerPoint shows comes next.

Firefox Browser: Though a slightly slower startup than the XP version, the rowser work with all my Firefox add-ins and handled my bookmark updates flawlessly. I've tested it on blogs, YOU-TUBE banking, financial, and remote access to XP systems in my office.

Network Switcher: As an IT Manager, I use static IP's at several of my work locations. the built-in XANDROS Network app, once I figured it out, allows me to save all wireless secure and static IP Ethernet connections and switch between them as needed without a restart. I wish Windows came with that. I am using a dated shareware package on my XP which I expect to break after every new UPDATE. Oh yes, I could write scripts for NETSH, but I can't see my computer challenged friend in CT or my 79-year-old dad doing that. Yet my friend uses an EEE easily and Dad's birthday is coming soon.

Voice Recognition: I stumbled upon this one and it works. As I am using Dragon when my left hand doesn't remember how to type (usually when I am tired) this would be a great thing for me.


iTunes: I've yet to find an easy to use substitute for iTUNES in LINUX. As a previous LINUX user, I've sorted out K-mixer for playing MP#'s I've loaded some MP#'s and Podcasts on the EE and I can listen to them fine. But I'd like something a bit more intuitive for people like my friend and my dad.

Palm Pilot: At this point I am keeping the Thinkpad around because I live and die by my PALM Zire. I don't want it in my phone, I can't afford an iPHONE now so this is it. K-Pilot has not been updated in years and I'd kills for something which works with my 3-year-old ZIRE. The smartphone will come but not in this economy.

Blog Clients: Yeah I know, just use open office. It's well over time I brush up on basic HTML anyhow (sigh).

I'd be interested in see what any of you have to say about their LINUX EEE's. SOmeone at work had one with WINDOZE XP and I was NOT impressed or amused comparing the performance to mine.