Thursday, January 21, 2010

Senator Edwards answers the question "Who's your daddy?"

I am not sure how I feel after the latest John Edwards revelation about his sordid affair with a staffer during his last presidential campaign. This whole pile of steaming amoral effluence finally was peaked today by Edwards' assertion he is indeed the father of young Frances Hunter.

I volunteered for to work for Edwards because he was a Populist, speaking up for the "little people" who did not have a voice. I also liked that he worked his way through college in a mill. I did something similar at a jet engine plant.

But the rumors of an affair tainted the campaign from Day 1. The story finally broke after Edwards withdrew and our Sacramento committee switched to supporting Obama. First Edwards lied and denied, then he said another main was the father. In an interview with ABC, I saw a man consumed by grandiosity and narcissism. He said he "only had the affair while his wife was in remission". Great.! That one hit me really close to home as a 3-time cancer survivor.

I'm cynical now. I figure any politician is offering supporters a sales pitch. I wonder what candidates are REALLY like? It's just sad. Edwards whole schitck was just an act. And we fell for it!

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