Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Technical support Grumbles

Buy a GREAT BIG 4 TB external hard drive unit for work. the Biostats unit has a massive dataset to work work.   The reseller says that:
  • Works with Windows XP - no problem
  • Can be set up as 4 -1TB drives.
$1000 unit arrives.  Does not work on my Windows XP.  I contact LaCie.  find out to my chagrin  that:
  • No way this works with Windows XP except the rarely used 64-bit version.
  • Even if I set it up on a Windows 7 64-bit machine, with 1 TB partitions, it STILL won't work on XP!
Before spending the remnant of this wasted day on the phone with Bangalore working out a return, I am frantically setting up a PC as Windows 7 X64.

Wish me luck!

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